Trump's State of the Union: 75 standing ovations, 39 pauses for applause

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Clapping becomes a major theme during Trump's first State of the Union (Photo: White House)

WASHINGTON (Sinclair Broadcast Group) -- President Trump's first State of the Union address will be remembered just as much for the ovations and clapping during the speech as much as it will its content.

Sinclair Broadcast Group counted 75 standing ovations and 39 claps during the speech.

Lots of viewers and commentators reacted to the amount of times they heard clapping during the speech on social media. They also called out President Trump for clapping into his microphone.

When Trump announced the re-opening of Guantanamo Bay prison, NBC's Chuck Todd questioned whether it was appropriate for Trump and his Republican counterparts to be applauding.

"Not sure it’s a good look to be giving a standing O for keeping GITMO open," Todd said. "Is that something to celebrate? No matter your position, not sure it’s something to cheer. Perhaps refer to it as a “necessary evil”? But clapping and cheering?"

PBS Newshour correspondent Yamiche Alcindor also spoke about how much Trump generally appreciates applause.

"President Trump is loving this clapping so much that is he making sure his claps are last heard before he continues his speech," Alcindor said.

During the speech, Trump also pointed at the crowd five times and was cheered for once; he was boo'ed one time. The President spoke about MS-14 four times, immigration eight times, referred to the flag and anthem two times and spoke about ISIS twice.