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Ohio couple surprised with nugget-filled wedding

The wedding even included a chicken nugget toast. (Photo: Elizabeth Lee / Wagner Photography via WNWO)

OREGON, Ohio (WNWO) -- Since she was a kid, chicken nuggets have always had Blair Tyson's heart.

"I always have a bag of Tyson brand Dino Nugs in my freezer."

Now, Adam Tyson, better known as Shorty, also has a piece of her heart. The Ohio couple exchanged vows last weekend.

Leading up to their big day, the Matron of Honor was thinking of ways to make Blair's day even more special.

"It came on the Wednesday before their wedding. I was thinking about my speech and I was prepping for it, and I didn't know how or with what I could surprise her with. So, I was like, obviously nuggets," said Jenna Spetz.

She contacted Tyson Brand with her proposal, and they took just 30 minutes to accept and begin preparing for the wedding.

The company even helped arrange a nugget bouquet.

"When I got it, I was just getting pictures of it because my wife had picked it up. It was nuts. I was like 'oh my gosh, she's going to die," added Spetz.

Tyson also came through with coupons towards free nuggets for the next year, and the CEO wrote a personal letter to Shorty and Blair.

The company even replaced champagne at the reception.

"Everyone in their seats had the nugs for a toast and they brought them up. So, I didn't know at the time when they brought them up to the head table, and we all toasted with nuggets," said Blair.

Since the news hit social media, the Tysons have become an internet sensation. They've appeared in Time Magazine and even on Good Morning America.

"I was kind of shocked. I didn't know what this was going to bring. I never thought it would be this, but here we are," declared Shorty.

Tyson Brand released a statement after the wedding saying:

"We loved hearing from Jenna and knew we wanted to help her pull-off an epic toast for her Fun Nugget loving cousin. From the custom nugget bouquet, to a year’s worth supply of nuggets, going all out for this dino-mite couple was never a question. The entire Tyson Family is wishing them a lifetime of love, filled with lots of nuggets."

Here's to Shorty and Blair living a long, nugget-filled life together.