Police seek 'brazen bunny' in rabbit mask after convenience store robbery


Authorities say a suspect wearing a rabbit mask robbed a convenience store in Mansfield on Friday, May 24, 2019. (Mansfield Police Department)

A suspect wearing a rabbit mask robbed a convenience store in Mansfield early Friday morning, according to authorities.

Now, police are asking the public to help them find the “brazen bunny.”

“We're putting out the page! Couch Detectives, get to the nearest pay phone, it's time to mobilize!!! Our latest episode of Friday Night Couch Detectives is a special ‘Major Crimes’ edition hot off the press,” police noted on Facebook Friday night.

Police shared a photo of the suspect, clad in a fluffy white bunny mask and pointing a gun.

“Take a look at the long-eared gentleman in the picture below,” authorities wrote. “Let's call him ‘Frank.’ Last night, bright and early for the daily races, Frank hopped into the Cumberland Farms on Chauncy St. just after midnight for a little reverse Easter Bunny-ing: brandishing a handgun and demanding money from the clerk.”

Police said the suspect then fled to the back of the store but “torrential rain compromised our ability to follow Mr. Cottontail down the bunny trail.”

Police said they are hoping to speak to possible witnesses who were in the area of Chauncy Street, Pleasant Street, or Chilson Avenue around 12:25 a.m.

“Did you happen to see a car idling? We're interested in anyone who might know a black male, approximately 5'6" tall with scarring or skin discoloration on his hands...and, you know, bought a bunny mask recently,” authorities noted. “Whether you find it kinda funny, or you find it kinda sad, or you're just shaking your head at this mad world, we'd like to hear from you if you have ANY information about this crime.”

The incident follows two similar crimes, including one at the Gulf Gas Station on Plainfield Street in Providence early Sunday morning. Authorities said an armed suspect wearing a monkey mask got away with $1,000.

“I’m not going to force it. Maybe it’s real and I’m going to get popped for $1,000. I just opened the safe and gave it all,” Derian D. Rosario, an employee, said, adding that he thought the suspect was a woman.

Twenty-four hours later, Attleboro police said a clerk at the Mobil Mart on Newport Avenue was shot by someone wearing a monkey mask in an attempted robbery.

Police said the employee tried to fight the suspect and was able to pull off the mask to get a description of the suspect.

“Short braids on the top of his head. Described as a small-framed light skin black male wearing that monkey mask, ran south on Newport Avenue towards Pawtucket,” Lt. Brian Kelley of the Attleboro Police Department said.

Authorities told WJAR that they are looking into a possible link to the cases.

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