Trivia app broadcasts live from beach before Hurricane Dorian hits

WASHINGTON (SBG) - A trivia app known as The Q Trivia decided to broadcast their show from the beaches of Charleston, South Carolina just before Hurricane Dorian affects the city along with other parts of South Carolina.

In a tweet, the app wrote "Out here on the beaches of Charleston getting ready for our #HurricaneDorian show live from the beach!"

The app's host, Joseph Monahan, also paddle boarded from the beach to shore just in time to host Wednesday's episode according to a separate tweet.

The Q Trivia is a live trivia app which has been compared to HQ Trivia. When a game is in session, viewers have a couple of seconds to guess what the correct answer is to the particular trivia question being asked. The app, which is based in Charleston, has worked with sports franchises such as the Dallas Mavericks, the WTA Tournament and even Pandora to create branded games.

It is unknown whether another trivia game will air on their app tomorrow from the beach as the storm actually hits. Hurricane Dorian is expected to pass the coast of South Carolina Wednesday night through Thursday.