Woman says man caught showering in neighbor's home took his clothes off in her yard

Police arrested{ }25-year-old Niles Deangelo Glenn early Tuesday morning in Eugene on suspicion of burglary. A neighbor says Glenn was in her yard a few days earlier. She called 911, but police didn't arrive until early the next morning. (Lane County Jail mugshot)

EUGENE, Ore. - Beverly Mazzola lives in the Blanton Heights area.

She recognized a man - 25-year-old Niles Deangelo Glenn - whom police say broke into a home and took a shower early Tuesday morning.

Mazzola said the same man was in her backyard a few days earlier.

After he refused to leave her property, the man began walking around Mazzola's garden - and taking off his clothes.

"Our dog was barking aggressively. We closed the door, I called 911," Mazzola recalled.

But police didn't show up.

And while the man was never violent, Mazzola was worried.

"I was worried that he might have been on drugs, so I called back," she said. "But I didn't call 911. I called the non-emergency number."

We asked Eugene Police what happened.

According to police:

We received Mazzola's call at 7:26 p.m. on Friday, May 17th.
Due to a call load, we were unable to respond until May 18th at 4:11 a.m.
The individual she called about was not being violent.
We dispatch for immediate life/safety concerns are dispatched first.
This is an example of the stress on our public safety system due to low staffing of police officers.
No one here wishes to place calls like this on hold.
This is something the city council has been taking a look at and discussing.

In fact, the City has scheduled a public forum on a proposed payroll tax to help fund police Tuesday, May 28, at 7:30 p.m.

For now, Mazzola is taking safety precautions.

She has put a lock on the gate the man used to let himself into her yard.

She makes sure her windows and doors are locked.