Parents of OSU players voice their support to have a season

Master Teague and Corey.png
Parents of Ohio State football players are advocating for their children to play this season. (Courtesy:{ }Corey Teague)

As Buckeye nation waits to see the fate of the Big Ten Vote, several are now making one last effort to have their voices heard.

"Frustrating is the word, disappointed. The guys have put in a lot of hard work and Ohio State has been above and beyond what's necessary to keep the guys safe,” said Holly Hoak, parent of Quarterback Gunnar Hoak.

Not only have Ohio State football players been pushing for a fall season but several parents of players are now getting involved.

"We wanted our voices heard as well. We were very comfortable going forward with our sons playing,” said Corey Teague, parent of Running back Master Teague.

The Football Parents Association at Ohio State recently put out a letter, showing their support for playing football.

"I think it needed to be said because we're being lumped into a bigger, larger group, but we feel that Ohio State has set the standard,” said Hoak.

Parents also express their confidence in the testing and safety protocols.

"If there is no college football because of safety and liability how are you going to justify putting kids on campus and dorm rooms and everything,” said Hoak.

Corey Teague said depending on what comes out the Big Ten vote, parents are now looking at other options to help get their boys on the field.

"As parents, I know that we are open to having an independent season, if I'm saying that right where we're not connected to a conference,” said Teague.

For now, they're just waiting and hope the season doesn't get punted.

"Just as a parent, we feel they're safer there. We have to support in the end run, whatever the decision is and just have our faith and know that everything happens for a reason I guess,” said Hoak.