Tugging heart strings: Millions love this Virginia cellist who is famous for cello covers

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Andrew Savoia started posting cello covers on Tik Tok where he received around 2.2 million views on one video. (Andrew Savoia)

Andrew Savoia, 23, is taking the internet by storm by posting videos of himself playing cello covers to contemporary pop music.

The famous Arlington native tik toker has captured eyes and ears of millions online.

“I posted it and I didn’t think anything of it," Andrew explained. "People really started reacting with it.”

He now has over two million views on one video alone.

People are really enjoying taking this classical instrument and applying it to contemporary pop music.

He performs various covers to Drake, The Weekend, and Regard. And, he's not afraid of a challenge.

Friday, he played Despacito on the cello – a challenging song he had never played before.

“My favorite thing personally has been seeing comments," Andrew said. "People who have said this is something that makes me want to play music or rekindle an old passion for music.”

Andrew has been playing the cello since he was nine years old.

While his recent posts and music is mostly for fun, he says he will continue trying to inspiring people to pick up instruments and play.